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This page provides a roughly-alphabetical list of modules that could implement some of the HiHAT user or common layer APIs. For each entry, please provide a one-paragraph description, list key contacts, link to related material for related specs, explanations and papers. There is a [presentation] from the HiHAT Mini-Summit of May '17 with a short description of key characteristics and requirements of these implementations.

Current Interest

Argobots: Halim Amer, ANL

C++: Michael Wong, ISOCPP

NoRMa: Stephen Olivier, Sandia

Qthreads: Stephen Olivier, Sandia

SyCL/ComputeCPP: Michael Wong, Codeplay, Khronos, HSA

UCX/UCCS: Pasha Sharmis, ARM

Possible additions

Others that we'd like to see added:

hwloc, Toby Fuchs