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This page provides a roughly-alphabetical list of tasking or language runtimes that are candidates for using HiHAT. For each entry, please provide a one-paragraph description, list key contacts, link to related material for related specs, explanations and papers. There is a [presentation] from the HiHAT Mini-Summit of May '17 with a short description of key characteristics and requirements of these runtimes.

Current Interest

C++ (CodePlay) Michael Wong

Charm++ (UIUC) Ronak Buch, (Charmworks) Phil Miller

Darma (Sandia) Janine Bennett

Exa-Tensor (ORNL) Wayne Joubert

Fortran (IBM?)

Gridtools (CSCS, Titech) Mauro Bianco

HAGGLE (PNNL/HIVE) Antonino Tomeo

Kokkos, Task-DAG (SNL) Carter Edwards

Legion (Stanford/NV) Mike Bauer

OCR (Intel, Rice, GA Tech) Vincent Cave, Max Grossman, Vivek Sarkar

OmpSs (BSC) Jesus Labarta

PaRSEC (UTK) George Bosilca

R-Stream (Reservoir Labs) Rich Lethin

Raja (LLNL) Rich Hornung

Rambutan, UPC++ (LBL) Cy Chan

Realm (Stanford/NV) Sean Treichler

SyCL (CodePlay) Michael Wong, Ruyman Rayes, Andrew Richards, Gordon Brown

StarPU (INRIA) Samuel Thibault

SWIFT (Durham) Matthieu Schaller

TensorRT (NVIDIA) Dilip Sequeira

UINTAH (Utah): Martin Berzins, Alex Humphrey, John Schmidt

VMD (UIUC) John Stone

Possible additions

Others that we'd like to see added:


HPX: U LA, Aachen, CSCS

VTK-m (Ken Moreland, Sandia; Berk Geveci, Kitware)