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Contact Information for HiHAT Monthly Reviews

Future/Possible HiHAT Monthly Reviews

Date Topic Speaker
TBD Comparison of OpenCL and HiHAT TBD, CodePlay?
TBD VMD's requirements of HiHAT? John Stone, UIUC
TBD Heterogeneous C++ programming models Michael Wong, Codeplay

Past HiHAT Monthly Reviews

Date Topic Speaker
June 20, 2017 Additional requirements/usage of HiHAT Walid Keyrouz, Tim Blattner of NIST and others
June 20, 2017 Proof of concept plans VMD PoC port CJ Newburn, NVIDIA; John Stone, UIUC
June 20, 2017 High-Level Design review introduction CJ Newburn, NVIDIA
May 16, 2017 Synthesis of HiHAT May 9 Mini-Summit results All/CJ Newburn, NVIDIA
April 18, 2017 Teaser on NVIDIA's use of HiHAT Stephen Jones, NVIDIA
March 21, 2017 HiHAT Overview CJ Newburn, NVIDIA
March 21, 2017 PaRSEC George Bosilca, University of Tennessee
February 21, 2017 OCR usage models and requirements Bala Seshasayee, Intel Corporation
January 17, 2017 HiHAT Overview CJ Newburn, NVIDIA